Killer Combo of Pyramids and 5 Min Sets


Finding a challenging workout that pushes the mind and body but allows you to rest when needed (both mentally and physically), if you are not quite ready for this intensity, requires a fine line between pushing your maximum and over-doing it. Here is a workout that builds up quickly and peaks with several mental/physical challenges

Pushups / Squat Pyramid x 10: 

10 pushups/10squats - jog 200m, 20/20 pushups/squats jog 200m, 30/30 pushups/squats jog 200m...up to 50/50 – stretch and prepare for 5 minute sets below:

5 Minute Sets -- Do each exercise in any order you prefer, and try to keep moving as best you can. Rest when needed, but the time does not stop for your set if you have to rest.

The goal is to see how many reps you can get of each of the exercises below in five minutes total time (rest included).

  • 5 min cardio warmup (jog, bike, elliptical, row, etc)
  • 5 min pullups – Rest off the bar as needed
  • 5 min dips - Rest off the bar as needed
  • 5 min situps
  • 5 min burpees
  • 5 min squats
  • 5 min flutterkicks
  • 5 min walking lunges
  • 5 min bear crawls
  • 5 min cardio cooldown

*rest as needed but rest time counts -- goal is to get as many reps of the exercises as you can in 5 minutes. Cooldown -- Reverse Pyramid / Run Pushups / Squat Pyramid x 10:  50 pushups/50squats - run 200m, 40/40 pushups/squats run 200m, 30/30 pushups/squats run 200m...down to 10/10 Run 3 miles OR Swim 500m

Repeat 5 times 200m FAST - rest with 1 min tread / float or bottom bounce.

Enjoy the challenge. You will see big improvements in your PT scores (pushups, pullups, sit-ups) to get TO the training, as well as other challenging exercises seen when you are going THROUGH the training. Related article -- To and Through Training.

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